About Route 11

A few words from the publisher

Route 11 Publications is an independent book publisher based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our goal at Route 11 Publications is to connect writers and readers. As such, our philosophy is to work with writers to help them polish a manuscript that readers won’t want to put down. While we won’t deny the fact that we are a commercial publisher and would like to make a profit, but we also want to see the writer profit from his or her labor of love. And good book in the hands of readers bring profits; therefore, our goal, first and foremost, is to help writers publish excellent books.

So how exactly do we accomplish that goal?

We accept submissions from unpublished authors and work with them to polish their manuscripts and prepare them for publication. We are a traditional book publisher in that we review and select only a certain number of manuscripts to publish per year. Route 11 Publications assumes all up-front costs of publication and distribution. Writers receive royalties based on a signed contract. We are non-traditional in that we offer author-friendly contracts, higher than average royalties, and allow the author to participate in decisions regarding publication.

We work with authors to develop great cover designs. We assume responsibility for book layout. We have the software, tools, and know-how to publish books in print and to the most popular market places for electronic books.

But we go one step farther: we help authors market their books. With our extensive experience in marketing and social media, we put tools in the hands of authors that help them reach their readers. And we do our own marketing. Strong, consistent marketing is the key to getting books to readers.

We believe the author-publisher relationship is important. A good relationship benefits everyone: writers, publishers, and readers. We also believe that writing, publishing, and reading should be entertaining. We love what we do at Route 11 Publications. We want you to love it, too.