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Follow instructions for submissions using the links above. E-mail submissions to publisher@route11publications.us

Submission to Publication

Manuscript Format

Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format or plain text format.
  • Paragraphs should be single-spaced.
  • We prefer a standard serif font, such as Times New Roman. Also acceptable, but not preferred: Calibri, Cambria, Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia.
  • Required: 10-12 point font.
  • Please do not manually number pages. Page numbers can be auto-formatted, but they will be removed because ebook readers do not accept page numbering. For printed books, we will apply appropriate page numbering.
  • Do not include headers and footers.
  • Do not include bold type or italics, except where absolutely necessary and grammatically correct.
  • Add only one space after periods.
  • Do not include formatting, such as headers, blockquotes, etc. Text formatting should be very plain. We will format the manuscript for print and ebook formats, which vary according to e-readers.
  • Do not include a table of contents. We will generate a table of contents.
  • Images are generally not supported in our ebooks, except cover images, which we will create.