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Tamara Shoemaker

Tamara Shoemaker

Tamara Shoemaker lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, Tim, and their three
beautiful children, Jordyn, Joel and Elena. She spends her days maintaining sanity in her house, not
always successfully, and passes the nights occasionally cranking out a book.

Books by Tamara

Shadows in the Nursery series:
This mystery/thriller series invokes our favorite childhood nursery rhymes. Characters, haunted by their pasts, seek to solve riddles based on nursery rhymes, in order to redeem their futures. These novels present characters who struggle with issues of faith, romance, and the consequences of their choices. Tamara places her characters in dark, but real-life situations that threaten their faith and their lives. Themes focus on the cult, human trafficking, and other realities of the human condition.

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Pretty Little Maids
"Pretty Little Maids": The second book in the Shadows in the Nursery series
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...."When a rash of killings breaks out in Richmond, Virginia, Rayna Johnson must confront her past and flee for her life. Survival is elusive as the killer stalks her every move. Friends are enemies and enemies are friends. Whom can she trust? Escape lies in a twisted game, where the stakes include riddles and beautiful, but deadly, dolls. One by one, the game claims its victims. Can Rayna escape a horrific death before the game ends at dawn?"
Watch a video book trailer of "Broken Crowns."

Broken Crowns
"Broken Crowns": Shadows in the Nursery series
Jack and Jill went up the hill.... Jill Lyons' life turns upside down the day she walks into her office to find her boss sprawled across his desk with a bullet hole between his eyes. Jeff Siegle's past catches up to him the moment he finds out his children are kidnapped. A seemingly harmless nursery rhyme turns deadly as riddles and a shadow from the past pull them relentlessly towards death's door. Jill and Jeff struggle to find answers... before it's too late.
"Broken Crowns" is the first novel by Tamara Shoemaker.
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Watch a video book trailer of "Broken Crowns."

Amazon Reviews for "Broken Crowns":
"Debut novel is a winner! Clues left at seemingly unrelated crime scenes bring Jill and Jeff together as they try to solve the complex riddles they find. As their respective pasts haunt them, they begin to find peace in the midst of the dangerous game they've unwittingly joined. --Amazon Reviewer

Tamara Shoemaker's debut novel will have readers begging for more. This thriller has it all. Mystery, history, suspense, murder, mayhem, romance, witchcraft, and faith. Fast-paced and cleverly written, Broken Crowns is a real page-turner. Shoemaker is definitely an author to watch. Fantastic first novel! I can't wait for her second! "
--Brenda Risner

"Being a person who usually does not pick up a fiction book, or manage to finish it if I start, I found this story captivating and hard to put aside. The circumstances made no sense, so I had to get to the end to understand it." --Dorothy S.

"A 'broken crowns' motif that keeps the reader intensively involved with each person and situation and intertwines story lines in its dramatic finale! A most entertaining story, intriguingly equipped with details of historical significance and undercover police work. The novel will keep you guessing while revealing insights will keep you entertained and engrossed as events happen." --Jim

"This book was a nice quick read with lots of action. Very well written by an new up and coming author. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an action story with a good message tied in." --Kristen

"A fast-paced and intense read; hard to put down. At one point, I put a pan of water on the stove to make Ramen noodles for my son, then went off to read this book for 5 minutes while it heated up. The next thing I knew, two thirds of it had boiled away. Oops. Always a sign of a good book, right? Broken Crowns is an interesting mix of murder mystery, suspense, international travel and history - with a touch of romance and a magical twist. Thrown into the mix is a strong sense of family values and faith. I appreciated the "realness" of the characters; their conversations and the way they related to each other in general - even in the midst of bizarre and frightening situations, When you pick up this book and start the adventure, expect the unexpected. Looking forward to book #2!" --Ruthie V.